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Pimples and Zits

Those suffering from acne will always be anxious in dealing with the opposite sex: they see their problem? Will be ridiculed by those who see their pimples or blackheads on their face? The result will be hatred look in the mirror (apparently uninterested in becoming self image and negligence), or will exaggerate carefully, applying too much makeup or dressing as different or strange to distract others.

Acne can cause feelings of shame, frustration and anger, and self-confidence will be affected profoundly. Depression and anxiety are common features to those who suffer from acne and in some cases can lead to conditions such as social anxiety (also known as social phobia - fear of being watched and evaluated negatively by others). Both girls and boys tend to avoid eye contact and avoid participating in social activities (such as different sports where body exposure would be necessary fearing that back pimples or blackheads, for instance, would make others to avoid them) that would put in a frustrating situation experienced.

In adolescence, when forming relationships play an important role, those with acne spots will isolate and they will become shy, feelings that may have lifelong consequences, if they have access to information on their condition.

At adolescence, acne can reduce the choice of occupations, and any activity that involves the appearance in public. If this problem isn't explained and treated in time, can have low self esteem type and social isolation that can lead to falling into a state of depression that can become major-affecting self-image, socialization and individual sexuality.

However there are acne treatments, acne cleanser, methods of how to remove blackheads, etc. that used appropiate will solve the acne problem and consequently will increase self esteem of those suffering of acne lesions and bring them back to a normal life.

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