What is acne?

Acne vulgaris (acne, pimples, zits, spots, etc.) is a common chronic disease caused by inflammation of the unit showing various forms pilosebacee and clinical.

While they may be affected all age groups, acne lesions are found most commonly among adolescents, at least 80% of people aged between 11 and 30 shows various lesions of acne vulgaris which can now be easily treated with Clear Skin MAX.

The acne is regressive evolution of skin lesions in most cases and has the following distribution of the sexes: men are generally affected before 20 years, while among women is affecting extended until the age of 30 years.

Pimples can persist for many years and can result in disfigurement and permanent acne scars and deeper implications in terms of psychosocial development: emotional problems, isolation and depression in society. However, Clear Skin MAX is a proven solution for all acne types issues, with almost no effort from you.

Everybody wants to know what is acne, but no matter what acne causes are, mechanisms triggering the disease are very complex and involves interaction of many factors, both internal and external pilosebaceu device.

Elementary lesions (base) in acne are:

1. Seborea - increased production of sebum is what gives skin an oily appearance acne patient.It is located mostly in the nose, forehead, cheeks and upper chest.
Seborea also affect the scalp causing head pimples and auricle.

2. Comedones - will obstruct the hole formed by removal of sebum.Depending on the degree of obstruction can be of two types: open and closed. Closed pimples, also known as "blackheads" are formed by partial obstruction of the hair follicle.Comedones may be expressed simply by poppig pimples between fingers, and in this case is a compact filament, oily, yellow with a black end, the black of the foreign party being given by the oxidation of fat and melanin.Patients wrongly considered as the end of black dirt.
Open comedones or "whiteheads" are caused by total obstruction of the follicle. Popping zits is not recomended in this case either, as well as for blackheads.

3. Papules - are inflammatory lesions with a diameter greater than 5 mm and appear as red lift, firm, sometimes painful, which may subside spontaneously or may develop into pustules.

4. Pustule - eminence is those containing purulent, yellow on the outside.

5. Nodules - inflammatory lesions that are often a development involving abcedare and scar formation.Their dimensions are larger than 10 mm.

Acne spots occurs most commonly on the face but people also have back pimples, head zits or genital pimples. 
No matter what type of acne or where acne spots are located you should chose  carefully the best acne treatment - Clear Skin MAX - in order to avoid future acne scars or lesions.
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