Is popping pimples a dangerous thing?


How dangerous is acne? You probably think that there is no danger in having acne. "There's nothing serious, just some red spots, sometimes pustules." But doctors disagree. Acne can become dangerous if not treated and especially, if one try leakage or popping pimples. Popping zits is very dangerous. Why?

When you squeeze a pimple it remains open for several hours, unprotected. Even if we anoint with a wine cellar or alcohol, however, remains open to infection. Once entered, infection or bacteria will multiply with ease, as the vessels of the hair follicle are broken, the area is in a state of inflammation and blood serves as the medium of food for microorganisms. There is a risk that this pimple to turn into a boil.

Boils are already another job, more complicated and more dangerous - especially those located above the horn mouth. Blood vessels (veins) in the region join together and communicate face to the sagittal sinus, which were directly related to blood brain drain. Furuncle may regress, but can and thundering and rapid progress to form clots (which can clog or block the brain venous vessels) or "give" part of the infection to brain vessels, which again is very dangerous. In such cases it is even more dangerous to force boil because you push a part of infection in blood vessels and, for sure, you will cause more harm than good.

People should be aware of the dangers they are exposed to dozens, maybe hundreds of young people, when they are intentionally popping pimples, hoping to be rid of zits. This is not a good solution. Besides the danger of furunculosis there is a risk of appearig of deeper scars. Reason - by breaking a hurry and thus regenerate normal traces left on the skin after healing deeper.

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